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ESI Group’s Visual-Environment 7.5 Improves Usability

By DE Editors

ESI Group announced the release of Visual-Environment 7.5, an engineering framework within a common platform that address multiple simulation domains. According to the company, the product encompasses the entire computer-aided engineering (CAE) process, from interfacing with CAD systems to model set-up and post processing, all using a single core compute model.

The latest release provides improvements related to software usability. Pre- and post-processing are now visually integrated within the environment for improved user experience. The intuitive user interface also offers greater interaction. For example, from the homepage, users can access shortcuts to their most common operations, recently loaded files, and useful quick links such as software highlights and online social networks.

For each application in Visual-Environment, engineers can use the comprehensive modeling tool Visual-Mesh to generate, for complex geometries, solution quality meshes for various disciplines, including vehicle crash testing, passenger safety, NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), heat treatment, welding, casting, and electromagnetics. The Visual-Viewer post-processing tool meets the requirements of the CAE community through its multi-page, multi-plot environment while the integrated software development toolkit, Visual-SDK, provides for customization and extension of the open architecture through process templates and macros.

The VisualDSS application allows for engineering change management by propagating changes made from one iteration model to another.

Improved meshing abilities targeted at NVH and internal acoustics applications ease the meshing of cavities. Visual-Cast, the meshing-pre-post processing environment for foundry applications, provides for set-up of models using CAD topology, enabling the automatic update of iteration models and delivering considerable time gains.

For more information, visit ESI Group.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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