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ESI Releases the PAM-CEM Simulation Suite Version 2009 

By DE Editors

ESI Group has announced the release of the 2009 version of its PAM-CEM software package for Computational Electromagnetics.  

The PAM-CEM Simulation Suite offers industrial coupling capabilities to address models in their early design stage and to assess electromagnetic multi-scale phenomena occurring in the middle and high frequency ranges. One benefit to end users is PAM-CEM’s ability to handle fully equipped 3D models featuring on-board complex antennas, as well as realistic cable networks.  

PAM-CEM Version 2009 includes several enhancements that benefit transportation, aeronautics and defense, as well as telecommunications and electronics industries, including: 

  • Direct access to the electromagnetic fields radiated in the so-called “near zone” surrounding the 3D computational domain and allowing to account for distant antennas or high frequency on-board automotive RADAR devices, without major computational drawbacks.
  • Improvement of the EMS (Immunity) interpolation scheme allowing cable networks to run very close to metallic (meshed) structures, thus avoiding hand-made running path redesign.
  • Full review of the PAM-CEM/FD output process with dedicated calibrating and/or normalizing options (fully automatic or user controlled), dedicated output of induced currents along cable networks for 3D display with Visual-Viewer.

The overall performance, including graphical user interface, has also been improved in this latest release with the development of Visual-CEM 5.5, a dedicated user environment.  

For more information, visit ESI Group.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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