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ESI Releases the Welding Simulation Suite Version 2009 

By DE Editors

ESI Group has released its Welding Simulation Suite version 2009, including Weld Planner and PAM-ASSEMBLY. Designed for engineers who manage the welding assembly of large and complex welded designs, the main objective of the simulation suite is to reduce time and cost to arrive at the bill of material.

In the early design and process evaluation phase, Weld Planner is first used to quickly evaluate numbers and positions of welds, clamping conditions, and design. Weld Planner helps find the best possible design in the shortest time.  

PAM-ASSEMBLY can then be used to validate the preliminary decisions taken. The complete physics of material is computed in local models, thus feeding the global model that is used to compute the overall distortion.

Version 2009 of ESI’s Welding Simulation Suite is embedded in a CAE environment, including dedicated meshing and post-processing tools.  

“Weld Planner has been used at the National Metals Technology Centre (NAMTEC) for modeling welding deformation of large and complex assemblies.  We have found that the software is very fast and straightforward to achieve rapid results, even for large mesh densities with a high number of welds”, said Dr. Kathryn Jackson, Technologist, NAMTEC. “The intuitive graphical interface has enabled us to define weld lines and clamps easily.  The ‘process definition’ tool has been used to explore a range of weld sequences and clamping configurations rapidly, and therefore Weld Planner is ideal for investigating a high number of iterations of weld sequences at an early stage of the design process.” 

ESI offers one-day training sessions, which includes a step-by-step getting started session.  

For more information, visit ESI

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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