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ETA Introduces INC Solver for Sheet Metal Simulations

By DE Editors

Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA) has introduced the INC Solver, an explicit finite element analysis (FEA) solver designed for sheet metal forming simulations.

ETA Introduces INC Solver for Sheet Metal Simulations

This virtual tryout tool for die face design expands the usability of ETA’s latest edition of DYNAFORM’s Die Face Engineering (DFE) module, version 5.7.3, which was released in March.

Using the latest multiple-core computing platform from Intel, INC Solver is compatible with the Microsoft Windows platform, using a shared memory processing (SMP) scheme and multiple-core CPUs.

INC Solver supports non-conforming CAD surfaces, which the company says eliminates the need for mesh repair, and uses a simultaneous fusion-fission approach to handle mesh adaptivity. For die face design virtual tryout, the solver offers capabilities for simulating gravity-loading, binder-wrap, crash-form, single-action and double-action draw die, as well as spring back prediction and lancing operations. 

In addition to DFE, DYNAFORM consists of three other modules including Blank Size Engineering (BSE), LS-DYNA-based Formability Simulation (FS) and LS-DYNA-based Die System Analysis (DSA).

For more information, visit Engineering Technology Associates.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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