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ETA Releases Inventium 2012 Products

By DE Editors

ETA has released Inventium 2012, which includes a number of improvements in the finite element (FE) modeling tool PreSys, as well as in its add-on applications for Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI), Drop Testing and Safety Analysis. According to the company, the new features reduce the amount of time required to build models, and users can analyze them using third-party MCAE solvers such as LS-DYNA, MSC NASTRAN, NEI NASTRAN, NX NASTRAN, Moldex3D, and NISA.

Using the automeshing tool, models are quickly defined and then visualized using the post-processing tool. Complementing PreSys, application-specific toolsets, or plug-ins are available for users of specific types of analysis. The plug-ins contain sample model libraries, preconfigured processes and specialized menus for use in model construction.

The Drop Test plug-in, often used by electronics and packaging engineers, has a set of test simulation set-ups for drop, shock/vibration and impact analyses. It allows engineers to create drop test simulation in advance of prototype testing. New features were added in version 2012 to streamline the modeling and simulation process.

The FSI plug-in provides tools to create Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) models. Engineers can simulate the interactions in a multi-physics environment and create large fluid fields coupled with structural analysis models. New features have been added to define multiple fluid zones and added controls further automate the modeling process.

The Safety plug-in consists of a set of vehicle crashworthiness and occupant safety simulation tools for vehicle crash simulations. Multiple crash conditions can be defined, including for the US FMVSS, ECE, and consumer organization tests such as IIHS and JNCAP.  It also has a library of impact device models and finite element dummy models. Users can import and position third-party impact devices and dummy models and model seat belts.

For more information, visit ETA.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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