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Eurocom Launches Quad-Core Notebook

By DE Editors

The EUROCOM (Nepean, Ontario) D901C PHANTOM-X FSB1333 Mobile Workstation, with upgradeable VGA technology, provides NVIDIA GeForce Go 8800GTX graphics power, allowing users to simultaneously run multiple applications and with increased performance. It supports NVIDIA’s MXM (Mobile PCI Express Module) technology, so that you can upgrade graphics performance easily in the future as technology evolves.

EUROCOM mobile workstations are designed specifically for high-end professional and graphics users when running professional applications such as CAD/CAM, 3D animation, 3D simulation, engineering, math, medical software, and graphics work.

These mobile workstations are custom built so users can select the individual configurations they require. Driving the system is the Intel Quad Core or Core 2 Extreme Processor with 1333MHz front-side bus processor with 4MB of L2 cache, delivering high-definition multimedia, multitasking, and multithreaded performance.

The D901C PHANTOM-X features two NVIDIA GeForce Go 8800GTX GPUs or NVIDIA Quadro FX1600M. The company says the D901C PHANTOM-X supports all of the latest independent software vendor (ISV) workstation applications in the range of vertical segments from CAD and CAE to geographic information systems and digital content creation.

]The D901C PHANTOM-X mobile workstation received the most votes in the February 2008 issue of DE.]

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