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EUROCOM Launches RAID 10 Notebooks

By DE Editors

Eurocom has announced an addition to its list of multi vendor storage solutions with OCZ’s 480GB Vertex 2 SATA 300 2.5-in. MLC SSD drive. The Vertex 2 drive will be available in all Eurocom Mobile Workstations and Mobile Servers.

The OCZ Vertex 2 drive has a low power consumption, making it suitable for mobile use when the customer is relying solely on the battery. The drive uses 2W while operating and .5W in standby.  It has read rates up to 250MB/s and write rates up to 240MB/s.

A key technology of the OCZ Vertex 2 is the Sandforce 1200 Controller.  SF-1200 SSD processors provide up to 100x greater data protection than today’s SSD, according to the company. They use ECC and RAISE (Redundant Array of Independent Silicone Elements). 

Eurocoms Mobile Workstations are improved with the new Vertex 2 drive because they offer improved sequential and random read/write rates. Eurocom Mobile servers can take advantage of the OCZ Vertex 2 for its 480GB capacity and fast read write times. 

For more information, visit Eurocom.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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