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Exa Releases PowerDELTA v1.6 for CFD

By DE Editors

Exa has released PowerDELTA 1.6, the latest version of its mesh preparation solution, which further streamlines and automates the simulation-driven design process. PowerDELTA 1.6 significantly reduces the time required to prepare meshes for thermal analysis simulations with Exa PowerTHERM, from days or weeks to only a few hours in some cases. Enhancements include specialized features for producing high-quality thermal meshes and pre-packaged templates that encapsulate best practices and automate the process.

The PowerDELTA process for feature-based aerodynamic and thermal mesh creation now includes a Wrap feature that automatically wraps and joins many individual parts into water-tight mesh components suitable for fluid analysis. Automatic refinement, gap detection and other smart algorithms ensure a high quality wrap of even the finest details.

The mesh union feature intersects and joins large mesh components into a single connected mesh (needed for thermal analysis) while preserving the original boundaries, while re-mesh automatically adjusts all the facets to meet the thermal solver s quality requirements. The decimate feature reduces facet count to a user-specified target number, and auto-fix provides a final check on mesh quality and automatically performs local adjustments to the facets to ensure the desired mesh quality.

For more information, visit Exa.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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