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Exelis Acquires Celestech to Enhance Next Generation Data Sharing

Exelis, a global aerospace, defense and services company, has acquired Celestech to expand its data sharing capability.

Celestech is a technology development and engineering firm that develops tailored tailored technical solutions for signal processing and communications systems. Since Celestech’s expertise in the field of data analytics supports Exelis’ intelligence, surveillance and analytics strategic growth platform, it will become part of the Electronics division, the company states.

“Celestech’s focus is to transform and deliver technologies that provide new and enhanced capabilities, enabling our clients to retain a position of information and communications dominance in the face of increasingly complex operating environments,” said Tell Gates, chief executive officer of Celestech. “Our acquisition by Exelis and the integration into their Electronic Systems division significantly expands our engineering team’s ability to deliver advanced technology solutions that improve our Nation’s ability to rapidly detect, classify, and deliver actionable intelligence to forces across their theaters of operation. Celestech’s team is looking forward to continuing our research and development successes as a part of the Exelis team.”

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