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Exoskeletal Arm Support System Debuts

Equipois demonstrates x-Ar exoskeletal arm at the Applied Ergonomics Conference.

Equipois Inc., designer and manufacturer of the zeroG mechanical arm technology, has debuted thex-Ar, which it calls the “world’s first exoskeletal arm support system for manual tasks,” at the Applied Ergonomics Conference in Orlando.

Tired of reaching for that mouse to work on engineering designs? This might be just what the doctor ordered. Designed to assist with a range of activities in industries where people work with their arms outstretched for long periods of time, the x-Ar simply attaches to a human’s arm and becomes, in essence, a mechanical arm, providing support throughout the user’s range of motion.

“The x-Ar is the first technology that utilizes an exoskeleton to increase the human arm’s stamina and strength,” says Eric Golden, president and CEO of Equipois. “We believe that the human hand guided by the human brain is the most powerful and versatile tool ever created. The x-Ar enhances that tool, rather than trying to mimic or replace it, and should significantly impact the workplace across diverse industries.”

For more information, visit Equipois.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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