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Explicit Modeling Extended with CoCreate 17.0

By DE Editors

PTC (Needham, MA) has announced CoCreate 17.0, the next major release of its explicit modeling 3D CAD software. CoCreate, an explicit modeling solution, offers numerous enhancements that enable users to adopt 3D using similar concepts and tools available in 2D. Users can then apply these familiar concepts and tools to 3D. The result, according to the company, is enhanced team-wide design productivity.

Explicit Modeling Extended with CoCreate 17.0

Version 17.0 of CoCreate introduces more than 560 enhancements across the product family. This design environment provides real-time explicit modeling and rendering. Features include context-sensitive mini-toolbars; cross-part and assembly model modification, plus simultaneous modification across imported and native models; and new interaction paradigms and tools to minimize the need for a traditional GUI. CoCreate provides users with the ability to leverage model geometry in the 2D workplane, and it offers intelligent feature recognition, including recognition on imported models.

Explicit Modeling Extended with CoCreate 17.0

With version 17.0, CoCreate and Pro/ENGINEER can now work together to enable companies using both tools, either themselves or through suppliers, seamless product-development collaboration. The compatibility between CoCreate and Pro/ENGINEER is said to enable the high-quality import of Pro/ENGINEER parts and assemblies into CoCreate Modeling as well as high-quality GRANITE-based export of parts and assemblies from CoCreate Modeling. Associativity with Pro/ENGINEER and exported geometry is maintained, and users can leverage part and assembly associativity via the Pro/ENGINEER associative topology bus (ATB).

Also among the user-driven enhancements in version 17.0 are projected reference points for arc and fillets; more dimensioning types, including radius dimensions for B-splines and arc angle dimensions; and plotting improvements said to enhance design efficiency when creating complete manufacturing drawings.

"CoCreate Modeling 17.0 increases everyday design productivity by delivering key new capabilities for faster design," said Brian Shepherd, executive vice president of product development at PTC in a press release. "Many new capabilities were developed in cooperation with global machinery and high-tech electronics customers that rely upon the industry’s leading explicit 3D CAD system for 3D product design. The majority of the concepts in CoCreate 17.0 parallel those found in the 2D CAD world, making adoption easier than ever before."

CoCreate 17.0 runs on Microsoft Windows 7. For more information about CoCreate 17.0, go to the CoCreate web page.

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