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Expressive Designs with Autodesk AliasStudio

By DE Editors

Astro used Autodesk AliasStudio (San Rafael, CA) to design a product that would foster a clear brand identity for its client Alienware. Known for its target user group of young, online gamers with passions for comic books, science fiction, and new technologies, Alienware wanted to embody the style of its users in a computer exterior. Up to that point, Alienware had been making unique computer “internals,” with generic exteriors.

The ultimate design created by Astro lead designer Nate Cervantes and 3D director Adam Barry aimed for not just a front custom bezel, but a complete 360-degree uniquely molded skin.

Such a design required a tool that could offer control over complex surfaces and the subtleties of surface changes, reflection, translucent, and transparent properties. AliasStudio stepped up to the plate with its rapid visualization capabilities, active exploded views, and full 3D tours of product design. The product has proven itself to be a valuable illustration tool as well as a surface tool, combining the processes of form manipulation and conceptualization.

Astro Studios continues to challenge AliasStudio with its second-generation Alienware desktop computer, the ALX, which features a higher speed processor that must be liquid cooled. Since Alienware was introduced to the market just a year and a half ago, Astro has tripled its sales.


Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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