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FARO Launches Vantage Portable 3D Laser Tracker

By DE Editors

FARO Technologies has released the new Vantage portable laser tracker. Enhancements such as SmartFind, Multiview and integrated Wi-Fi expedite measurement routines, according to the company.

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Though the new Vantage is 25 percent smaller and 28 percent lighter than its predecessor, FARO has included new in-line optic systems that improve long-range measurement by 45 percent to up to 80 meters (160m diameter). Integrated Wi-Fi eliminates tethering to laptops. Along with standard shipping cases, the Vantage is packaged with a new backpack and roller board that can be stowed in an airline overhead compartment.

The SmartFind and MultiView features increase productivity by reducing measurement time. The SmartFind system responds to simple gestures from the operator and allows the Vantage to quickly find the desired target whenever its beam is lost or broken. The patent-pending MultiView system utilizes two integrated cameras that let users point automatically to specific, difficult-to-reach targets.

The unit features a water and dust resistant IP52 rating, and its TruADM technology provides accuracy for everyday applications where the differences between absolute distance measurement (ADM) and interferometer (IFM)-based measurements are, for the most part, insignificant. Enhanced, predictive algorithms in the technology allow quicker capture of dynamic measurements by simply scanning with the target.

For more information, visit FARO.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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