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FARO Technologies Partners with Laser Design

By DE Editors

Laser Design, Inc. and FARO Technologies announced their partnership in developing a next-generation scanning technology system, the Magnaline 240. This partnership will allow both companies to bring their combined technologies to a wider base of customers.

The Magnaline 240 combines a 9.5-in. laser line probe with the 8-12-ft. Quantum, Platinum, and Fusion articulated FaroArms for a versatile 3D laser scanning system available.

The Magnaline 240 has collections speeds starting at 75,000 data points per second. The system uses Laser Design’s carbon graphite, dual-sensor scanning technology with enhanced specularity performance. The probe has no moving components and is not sensitive to changes in temperature, according to the companies.

 “The Magnaline 240 is the perfect complement to our high accuracy V3 laser scanner,” says Gary Telling, FARO’s director of Product Management. “Having the ability to offer the V3 and the Magnaline 240 to our customers allows them to gain rapid surface acquisition combined with extreme probing accuracy.”

The FaroArm’s reach of up to 12 ft. adds functionality to Laser Design’s scanning probe by allowing users to transport the portable scanner right to the part. This is a significant benefit for companies that prefer keeping parts in-house for confidentiality purposes as well as for companies whose parts are too large or too difficult to move, such as those in the automotive and aerospace industries.

For more information, visit FARO and Laser Design.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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