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FARO Technology Releases VantageE

FARO Technology, a provider of 3D measurement and imaging solutions, has released the VantageE as part of its Vantage laser tracker product line. It includes well-proven features and capabilities such as high-speed dynamic measurement, and is affordably priced for customers who demand high performance while working with short-to-medium range applications, the company states.

The VantageE Laser Tracker has a range of up to 25 meters through FARO’s patented, fifth-generation TruADM (Absolute Distance Meter) technology. It is able to continuously scan and take measurements while a spherical optical probe is tracked across the surface of the part.

“A number of our factory metrology customers have expressed the need for a more affordable, but feature-rich tracker that would meet their applications for short-to-mid distance measurement,” said Joe Arezone, chief commercial officer of FARO.  “In developing the VantageE, we quickly realized that customers would still need the accuracy of our longer-distance tracker along with the robust features that make the FARO Vantage Tracker solution ideally suited for solving real-world, everyday measurement challenges.  Additionally, the VantageE is value-priced at approximately 30% less than the premium Vantage while offering many of the same features and similar accuracy.”

For more information, visit FARO.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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