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Fatigue and Durability CAE Tool Upgraded


The 9.0 release of the nCode DesignLife fatigue life and durability analysis software has been announced by nCode (Southfield, MI). This CAE software, says the developer, offers enhancements and new technologies for composites, welds, load reconstruction, multi-body dynamics, and data visualization. nCode DesignLife 9.0 is a key member within the nCode 9.0 suite of durability, test, and analysis products for applications in such industries as aerospace, automotive, defense, off highway, rail transport, and wind energy.

nCode DesignLife’s technology for studying fatigue in composites has been enhanced in 9.0 with the ability to analyze thicker components such as those created by injection molding polymers containing short glass fibers by using finite element (FE) models of solid elements. Additionally, new analysis methods for full 3D stress states and critical plane analysis allows for prediction of sub-surface failures within a part says the company.

With nCode DesignLife, engineers can create analysis and reporting processes by dragging and connecting analysis components called glyphs. These processes can be locked down to enforce QA procedures and protect intellectual property. Image of nCode DesignLife courtesy of nCode.

With version 9.0, nCode DesignLife users can now assess thicker welds commonly used in off-highway and construction machinery or other applications that require 3D solid models prior to physical testing. The approach, says nCode, uses the stress integration method outlined in the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code VIII (Division 2) standard.

Version 9 has been enhanced with the ability to use load reconstruction to calculate input loads based on data from both a set of physical strain gauge measurements taken across the component, and the results of a unit load FEA (finite element analysis) using DesignLife’s Virtual Strain Gauge capability. All supported FE codes, such as ANSYS, Abaqus, and NASTRAN, can be used with this approach. The company adds that it has made this capability available at no extra cost.

A new animation feature introduced in nCode DesignLife version 9.0 is described as providing users with the ability to better understand how a structure is deforming under dynamic loading and how to improve structures to avoid fatigue failures, the company says. The linear superposition can now be used to calculate the total displacement at each instant in time, and this can be viewed as a full 3D model animation.

nCode 9.0 has been enhanced to include 3D color scatter plots that use an XYZ Display that helps visualize the relationship between three or more quantities. Image of nCode DesignLife courtesy of nCode.

For multi-body dynamics data, nCode DesignLife 9.0 can calculate the dynamic in-service loads by using a multi-body dynamic simulation with known inputs such as a road profile. These loads are then used as input to fatigue simulations. To streamline this process, nCode DesignLife 9.0 has been enhanced to read the output data from MSC Software’s Adams and Altair Engineering’s MotionSolve directly.

In addition to nCode DesignLife, the nCode 9.0 suite incorporates nCode GlyphWorks graphical test data processing software and nCode Automation, a scalable web-based environment for collaborative engineering test data storage, analysis, and reporting. New features in nCode 9.0 include 3D color scatter plots using a new XYZ Display to visualize the relationship between three or more quantities, color-coding of GPS data on maps to indicate vehicle speed or other measurements, and enhanced reporting capabilities in both desktop and web-based products.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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