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Femap Support a Specialty at NEi Software

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Femap Support a Specialty at NEi Software
NEi Software offers professional-level support Femap v.10.

Femap version 10, the newest release of Siemens PLM Software’s (Plano, TX) CAD-independent Windows-native pre- and post- processor for advanced engineering finite element analysis, is now available from NEi Software (Westminster, CA). For nearly 20 years, NEi Software has sold Femap and provided users cost-effective, high-level support, training, and mentoring services. Additionally, Femap integrates tightly with NEi Software’s NEi Nastran, a general-purpose FEA (finite element analysis) solver for analyzing analyze linear and nonlinear stress, dynamics, and heat transfer characteristics of structures and mechanical components.

"From a technical standpoint, I think it is fairly easy to show that Femap is one of the top pre- and post-processors for engineering analysis and simulation in the industry,” said Julia Oien, NEI Software’s Vice President of Sales for North America. “NEi Software’s long history with Femap providing application assistance, technical support, training classes, and consulting has allowed NEi to develop an organization that enables us to mentor our customers so they get the most from simulation, digital prototyping technology and their software investment.”

Features of the Femap v10 release focus on such core simulation tasks as preprocessing and meshing. V10 offers new and improved tools for meshing complex structures more accurately, verifying mesh integrity and accuracy, and optimizing the mesh to capture the true structural response efficiently. According to the company. Femap v10 also adds automated meshing tools and new interactive meshing and checking capabilities.

Femap Support a Specialty at NEi Software
Femap v.10 from Siemens PLM System.

Additional new features found in Femap v10 include so-called “True 3D” meshers that are said to produce top quality meshes of a model the first time and are not be constrained by the limitations of parametric meshers. A new interactive mesh generation ability is said to give you greater control over mesh generation, while simultaneously streamlining the entire meshing process.

Femap 10 has also been enhanced with live element feedback that allows you to see your mesh as you create it, enabling you to judge if your mesh will be of sufficient quality to obtains answers that are as accurate as you need them to be. NX Nastran support enhancements include axisymmetric elements (quads and trias), and new geometry clean-up tools to help simplify the process of creating a viable FEA model from all makes of CAD data. Miscellaneous improvements include 64-bit support and on-the-fly stress and displacement transformations.

The combination of NEi Nastran and Femap provides significant additional functionality for Nastran users, according to NEi. This includes advanced capabilities for composites engineering and analysis with tools for advanced failure criteria for first ply failure like Puck and LARC02 and Progressive Ply Failure Analysis (PPFA) for simulation of behavior beyond first ply failure.  Automated Impact Analysis (AIA) provides sophisticated simulation for drop tests and implicit impact studies. Productivity tools like Automated Surface Contact Generation (ASCG) and Automated Edge Contact Generation (AECG) help in industries with models having large shell like structures as found in ship building and automotive.

Femap Support a Specialty at NEi Software
NEi Software has provided technical support and training for engineers using applications like Femap (pictured here) for nearly 20 years.

NEi Software’s support for Femap reaches across all areas of application engineering, technical support, mentoring, and training. The company offers structured and custom classes at its offices in California, at your location, around the country, and via an innovative online e-learning program. The company’s web-based Knowledge Base Center offers a wide selection of white papers, PowerPoint presentations, and technical conference papers on engineering analysis and simulation topics. Additional training and educational resources include Nastran TV, live instructional webinars on current topics, and both live and recorded demonstrations.

NEi Software’s training and support staff is made of field-tested FE experts under the watchful eye of the company’s CEO, Dave Weinberg. Weinberg spent years as a working engineer in industry, where he developed a deep and lasting frustration with inferior software tech support. This led him to commit his company to the type of support that engineers need.

“Dave is committed to tech support that is responsive,” says Dennis Sieminski, himself a P.E. as well as NEi Software’s Director of Marketing. “People get called back, e-mails get answered without delays, and that the answers and help are relevant, useful, competent, and professional.”

For further details, go directly to NEi Software’s FEMAP web page.

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