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Find and Reuse Data Hidden in Enterprise Systems

By DE Editors

NovaQuest (Charlotte, NC) reports that the latest release of its VisiQuity data discovery solution provides enhancements and new features that enable implementation of a full knowledge management (KM) system around enterprise information.

NovaQuest VisiQuity Spliceboard
NovaQuest VisiQuity’s SpliceBoard workarea.

VisiQuity is intend to enhance user productivity by overcoming inefficiencies in the typical search and retrieval process, such as disjointed tools for sorting and assembling the information, as well as finding the same information again on subsequent searches. “Finding and delivering key information quickly is critical to both employee and enterprise decision making,” said Joel Lemke, president and CEO of NovaQuest in a press statement. “We see VisiQuity as a key tool to enable agile organizations … to improve their overall decision making process.”

VisiQuity Discusisons
Collaboration tools come with the latest version of VisiQuity.

VisiQuity Sticky Notes
VisiQuity allows users to apply sticky notes to documents and files.

VisiQuity is built upon Dassault’s Exalead CloudView platform for search-based applications and extends it with NovaQuest-developed information management functionalities. With VisiQuity, knowledge workers can tag information, add sticky notes, and create new composite documents from information in databases. Information provided by these functions can then subsequently be searched, providing for more relevant results based on the knowledge around a particular document or set of documents. Specific searches can be saved and reused to help ensure optimal search results.

The newly incorporated knowledge management functionality extends VisiQuity’s connectivity so that it accesses data formerly confined to such enterprise systems as PLM (product lifecycle management) including ENOVIA V5 and ENOVIA V6, ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), collaboration applications, and niche and/or homegrown solutions where data content resides in a database or in a file-based structure. Further, the system now provides collaboration tools for both public and private discussions.

“As companies begin to value knowledge as their key asset, they realize the need to invest in technologies to discover all available information and ideas,” says Lemke. “VisiQuity enables knowledge workers to capture all pertinent information related to their search, gain insight from other experts, and bring together all the data into a consolidated thought process, ultimately leading to better products, services, and solutions.”

VisiQuity interface
An example of the VisiQuity interface.

The latest version of VisiQuity is available immediately. For more information on VisiQuity, go to NovaQuest.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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