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Flakt Woods Expands Use of Cloud-Based Document Management

By DE Editors

Flakt Woods, an air conditioning equipment manufacturer, has expanded its deployment of M-Files’ cloud-based document management solutions for ISO documentation control, supplier invoice approval process automation, project reporting, supplier agreement and general project management.

Our greatest success thus far with M-Files has been within our Global Infrastructure & Light Industry (GII) business. This business area generates a huge number of technical, commercial and quality-related documents associated with large commercial projects. With M-Files, we can instantly see the current stage of a particular document workflow, we have a clear understanding of changes that have taken place and we can follow all interactions that have taken place with customers and suppliers,” said Paul Ellison, Business IM Manager with Flakt Woods. By implementing document workflows for control and approval of both sensitive and critical documents we have been able to drastically reduce the number of manually introduced errors, resulting in higher quality products and improved profitability. As many tasks are now systemized and documents are easy to find, we have also significantly reduced the administrative burden on our design and project management staff, freeing considerable time for more productive tasks. The return on our investment was achieved within an extremely short period.

The company turned to M-Files to provide the foundation for enforcing consistent quality management processes to ensure that all personnel are managing documentation according to company standard operating procedures. With M-Files serving as the primary system for handling the development and approval of a wide array of documents, the company has been able to prevent outdated versions of drawings and documents from reaching suppliers, resulting in a reduction in errors at the manufacturing stage, less waste and higher quality products.

The Fl kt Woods Global Infrastructure & Light Industry (GII) business has utilized M-Files to implement process control mechanisms to ensure proper project management and document handling. As a result, the group has seen a significant reduction in design errors.

For more information, visit M-Files and Flakt Woods.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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