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FlexScan3D 2.0 & Turnkey Hardware 3D Scanner Available

By DE Editors

3D3 Solutions (Vancouver, BC) announced the release of FlexScan3D 2.0, the latest version of its 3D scanning software. Designed for face and body scanning, reverse engineering, and industrial measurement, FlexScan3D 2.0’s upgrades include faster scanning speed, easier setup, and improved user interface. For the first time, 3D3 Solutions also offers a turnkey hardware 3D scanner, FlexScan3D HDI.

Customized solutions are available with FlexScan3D software or FlexScan3D HDI, a complete hardware solution that is plug-in and scan. Supported in the new version are duo camera scan modes promising higher accuracy and a wider range of scanning sizes. With FlexScan3D, users can use SpeedView3D, a high-performance 3D point cloud and mesh editor, to complete the scanning to processing 3D data process.

For more information, visit 3D3 Solutions.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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