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Flow-3D Cast Version 4 Released

Flow Science Inc. has released FLOW-3D Cast version 4, which includes new tools for castings, such as a Simulation Manager function, updated post-processor, enhanced numerical options and improved capabilities for modeling generation of gasses.

The Simulation Manager allows for users to organize simulations, create templates and change runtime options. It includes a Portfolio function that can group simulations.

Version 4 has the addition of FlowSight, an advanced post-processor capable of analyzing results in a variety of ways. Among its capabilities are showing multiple, time-varying plots of different data types, rendering results as a volume, calculating complex new variables as well as showing fluid-structure interaction/thermal stress evolution results at the same time as fluid solution results. Users can also access a new thermal stress model that enables modeling of stresses and deformations in solid and solidified parts.

Other general updates include additions to the model setup, such as automeshing, interactive baffle, history probe, pointer and valve placement and updated graphical user interface organization.

“The driving factor behind the development of FLOW-3D Cast has always been to closely reflect the workflow and needs of our customers so that they can improve product development, speed up production and deliver high-quality products to market before their competitors,” said John Ditter, VP of software engineering at Flow Science.

For more information, visit Flow Science.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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