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FLOW-3D VERSION 9.0 Announced

By DE Editors

Software company Flow Science, Inc.(Santa Fe, NM) has announced theavailability of a major new release of its FLOW-3D software forcomputational fluid dynamics. Version 9.0 of FLOW-3D is designed toenable users to model rigid body dynamics with fullsix-degrees-of-freedom fully-coupled with fluid flows. Additionalphysical models have been added, and the graphical user interfacehas been overhauled and updated, says Flow Science.

New features of note in Version 9.0 include a thermal stressmodel, new pressure-velocity solver, and a new algorithm implemented for solvingviscous termsimplicitly when used with the GMRES solver. Other additions include electro-thermal(Jouleheating), electro-mechanical effects, and Implicit Surface Tension that enablesimplicit modelingof surface tension effects.

Major improvements include improved mass conservation and diagnosticsin the multi-block model, enhanced coupling of pressures and velocities atinter-block boundaries, and improvements to FLOW-3D’s VOF advection schema. Moleculardiffusion between two fluids has also beenadded.

Flow Science has optimized convergence control of the implicitheat transfer solver in FLOW-3D, and has re-written the graphicaluser interface, which is fully-integrated and includes built-inintelligence and other new capabilities. And the new GUI is backwardcompatible, so users are not required to make changes to input files inorder to runthem in the new GUI.

For additional information on Version 9, visit the company’s Web site.

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