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FRIENDSHIP-Framework Updated

Friendship Systems announced the latest release of its FRIENDSHIP-Framework software (v.3.0) for the simulation-driven design of complex flow-exposed surfaces. The software features modeling, variation, and optimization engines for CFD-centric design and development.

According to the company, the new software connector window features easy template processing, intuitive drag and drop of exchange data with external CFD codes, and support of additional formats such as OpenFOAM results, VTK, Tecplot, and EnSight Gold. FRIENDSHIP-Framework interfaces with most commercial and in-house CFD codes including: STAR-CCM+, Fluent, CFX, NUMECA products, OpenFOAM, ICON FOAMpro, SHIPFLOW and more.

The new post-processing capability allows users to load 3D field data from their CFD simulations, as well as integrated data, in order to compare the variants in detail. The following visualizations are now directly available in FRIENDSHIP-Framework: Surface plots; streamlines; plane cuts; iso-surfaces; vectors, contours, isolines; mesh visualization; 2D plots; and specialized visualizations (e.g., wave patterns, wakefields).

The smart CAD modeler allows creation of fully parametric designs, focusing on the most relevant parameters for the automated variation and optimization studies of CFD-centric workflows.

The company also announced CAESES (CAE Software for Empowering Simulation), a free version of its simulation product. The solution allows users to create smart parametric models of flow-exposed shapes; couple, integrate, and automate CFD-driven processes; pre-/post-process CFD-related design studies; and employ a professional interface and test platform for in-house code development.

For more information, visit Friendship Systems.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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