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From Adapx Comes Capturx for Autodesk Design Review

By DE Editors

Available now from Adapx (Seattle, WA) is Capturx software, which enables paper-based markups to be captured with digital pens and integrated directly into DWF files for use with AutoCAD, Revit and other Autodesk applications.

Capturx has been heralded as a unique solution that takes the natural process of drawing designs on ordinary paper, and makes it digital using a digital pen that digitizes notes and sketches and integrates them directly into Autodesk Design Review files. Architects, contractors, and engineers can use Capturx to mark up digital paper drawings and comment on them, and get accurate data from the field.

Using DWF technology and Capturx for Autodesk Design Review, design teams can mark up and collaborate with designs from AutoCAD and Revit-based products. DWF–based designs can be downloaded from an Autodesk Buzzsaw Standard or Professional application site, then printed on normal paper in large sizes. Using a digital pen that records pen strokes and stores markups, field crews can mark up or redline the printed drawings.

Field personnel can then dock their digital pen to their PC with a USB connection. The recorded markups, annotations, or redlines are then transferred into the original designs. There is also the option to convert handwriting into text for editing and use in other Autodesk applications.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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