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Fujitsu Offers NVIDIA GPUs in PRIMERGY Servers

By DE Editors

NVIDIA’s Tesla GPUs are now available in Fujitsu s PRIMERGY CX400 S1 servers, offering high-performance GPU-accelerated computing to Fujitsu’s installed base of customers in Japan and Europe.
Fujitsu designed the PRIMERGY CX400 S1 server using half-wide, two-socket server nodes, doubling the number of cores per unit height. The system houses either four 1U hot-plug PRIMERGY CX250 S1 server nodes with two CPUs per node, or two 2U hot-plug CX270 S1 server nodes with two CPUs and one NVIDIA Tesla GPU per node.

“Fujitsu is a leader in high-performance computing (HPC),” said Sumit Gupta, senior director of the Tesla business at NVIDIA. “Its new GPU-equipped servers provide supercomputing performance to the broad base of researchers and engineers at universities, enterprise and government research laboratories.”

Combining a multicore CPU with the hundreds of parallel processing cores of an NVIDIA GPU shifts complex parallel computing tasks to the GPU and keeps program logic aligned with the CPU, enabling higher levels of performance than CPU-only systems, while reducing power consumption.

The GPU-accelerated Fujitsu system is designed to address complex computational processing challenges inherent in HPC applications, including structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, seismic modeling and imaging, bioinformatics, molecular dynamics, and computational finance and data mining. The automotive industry is also deploying GPU technology for crash simulations and CAE design based on its ability to significantly reduce simulation runtimes and computational costs. 
For more information, visit Fujitsu and NVIDIA

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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