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Fusion 360 Update Announced

By DE Editors

Autodesk’s Fusion 360 has been updated, and now provides the ability to design iteratively. According to the company, with the introduction of the design timeline feature, users can perform direct modeling, and also capture key commands in a historical, dynamic, and editable timeline.

The timeline captures commands as a design progresses, but direct manipulations such as edit form and patch commands are not captured. If changes are needed for dimensions or the form of the previous body, the timeline eliminates the need to remake all the mechanical features. If it is the original sculpt body the users wants to modify, they simply right click on the body creation instance and select edit to make the changes, and the design as a whole will update and adapt to the changes.

The dashboard has also been revamped, so that collaborative hubs are organized in the projects section, and all activities of those projects show up in the activity stream. Opening a design is faster, and users no longer have go into the details of a design to start editing. Previews are available via the Rendering as a Service (RaaS) technology.

New commands include text as a sketch and As-Built Joint, which provides the option of joining two components based on their current location, and not their snap points. The Sculpt pipe command allows users to define a T-Spline body based on a set of sketch elements or T-Spline edges.

For more information, visit Autodesk.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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