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Gas Natural Fenosa Forecasts Electrical Market with MATLAB

By DE Editors

MathWorks has announced that GAS NATURAL FENOSA used MATLAB products to develop models that enable the company to project capacity and demand and optimize generation of asset portfolios. In particular, the company develops optimization and forecasting models that incorporate historical usage patterns, weather forecasts, production costs and regulatory constraints, and other operational factors.

GAS NATURAL FENOSA engineers used MATLAB to develop a set of core models that analyze available data, forecast results, and optimize generation plans. Each MATLAB model accesses a central database for historical power consumption and price data, weather forecasts, and parameters for each power plant. Optimization Toolbox was applied to minimize production cost among several plants given a set of constraints, including carbon caps and maximum capacity. The engineers used Statistics Toolbox to develop and assess price simulation scenarios.

Using MATLAB Compiler, the team created standalone programs from each model that run automatically day and night, enabling the developers to more easily manage updates to the models and access to the models for a variety of end users providing improved management of updates and control of access to models. The team also used SIMULINK to model the behavior of generators in the GAS NATURAL FENOSA infrastructure.

For more information, visit MathWorks.

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