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Geomagic, CAIPros Form Strategic Partnership

By DE Editors

Geomagic has formed a strategic partnership with CAIPros, an independent professional service focused on providing expert Python scripting for automation of precision 3D Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) and metrology processes using Geomagic products.

CAIPros delivers custom process automation and integration services for manufacturers looking to use Geomagic Qualify to achieve faster returns on investment in their inspection processes. The automation scripting can be used for robotic scanning, inspection and reporting; automated batch comparisons of first article or production parts inspection data with original design digital product definition; dynamic interrogation of 3D scans with automated reporting into Excel spreadsheets, 3D PDFs, and/or directly into enterprise databases; and inspection results integration into proprietary analysis tools and/or Statistical Process Control (SPC) systems.

This widened format support delivers greater freedom for customers to natively import 3D CAD data files of their choice into Geomagic Qualify and Geomagic Qualify Probe for immediate comparison to inspection and measurement data in quality workflows.

For more information, visit Geomagic and CAIPros.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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