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Germanischer Lloyd Certifies SimulationX

ITI GmbH announced that its marine application of the interdisciplinary simulation software SimulationX has passed Germanischer Lloyd’s (GL) type approval certification. The SimulationX software module “Marine Propeller” for the calculation of ice impact induced loads on the powertrain was designed and developed by ITI in collaboration with GL in accordance with the specifications laid down by GL, the Finnish-Swedish Maritime Administration and the IACS.

According to the new specifications for ice classes that were elaborated by the Finnish and Swedish Maritime Administration, it is now required to evaluate the impact of propeller-ice-torque excitation on the drive shaft. According to ITI, this means the transient simulation of ice impact scenarios has become an integral part for shipbuilders and suppliers marking the departure from traditional steady-state analyses used in the past.

SimulationX users predict vibration loads originating from ice impact on the propeller. These extreme conditions are analyzed with the solution on a virtual basis over a longer period of time and for various parameter configurations. The model allows for accurate calculations of torsional vibrations with respect to propeller-ice interactions and the torque loads acting on the powertrain as a consequence of ice impact based on the Baltic and polar ice class definitions.

“Our endeavors in the field of shipbuilding are guided by the vision ‘Green, safe and reliable’. Our industry specific expertise and our simulation tool SimulationX have enjoyed a longstanding reputation of excellence and reliability with leading shipbuilders, suppliers and classification societies worldwide,” said Uwe Schreiber, manager of engineering at ITI.

For more information, visit ITI.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.



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