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Get Quotes on Sheet Metal Prototypes Instantly

Rapid Sheet Metal LLC (Nashua, NH), an online source for quick turnaround sheet metal and stamped prototypes as well as time-sensitive short run fabrications, recently released SolidQuote for PTC Creo. This complimentary, downloadable add-in lets product development engineers obtain price quotes and place bids for sheet metal parts and assemblies within PTC Creo instantly.

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Rapid Sheet Metal’s SolidQuote service can create a price quote for small parts as well as for this large assembly instantly. Image courtesy of Rapid Sheet Metal LLC.

SolidQuote for Creo is the second rapid-quote add-in for a major CAD solution announced by the company this year. Earlier Rapid Sheet Metal released SolidQuote for SolidWorks, a tool that provides users of SolidWorks 2012 and 2013 the same immediate price quote and order functionality as SolidQuote for Creo. For users of other CAD platforms, the company accepts bids for quotes through its website.


Rapid Sheet Metal’s SolidQuote for Creo runs inside of PTC Creo. Image courtesy of Rapid Sheet Metal LLC.

SolidQuote for Creo does not require any inputs to install, and, once installed, it does not need additional inputs to cost parts. Users access SolidQuote for Creo through the Applications tab. SolidQuote identifies and costs such sheet metal features as hems, hardware and welding automatically. At any time during their design process, users can cost a sheet metal part or assembly by selecting a material, finish and quantity, enabling them to see the impact of such changes on the cost of a part at a glance. Once users submit their RFQ (request for a quote), they can e-mail themselves a PDF copy of what they submitted (see below).

Some of Rapid Sheet Metal’s fabrication capabilities are laser cutting, forming, welding, machining, punching, wire EDM, stamping, tumbling, riveting, quality, light assembly, roll forming, hardware, toolmaking, powder coating and silk screening. It can make parts such as 1U/2U rack mount enclosures, brackets, cabinets and cabinet assemblies, chassis, copper bus bars, enclosures, housings, panels, racks, RF shields and weldments. Available materials include stainless steel, cold rolled steel, copper and aluminum materials.

Rapid Sheet Metal can also make parts from 3D CAD data files from such major applications as Autodesk Inventor, KeyCreator, Pro/E and SpaceClaim. The timeline for receiving quotes for these 3D CAD applications ranges from 8 to 24 hours depending upon submission method. Regardless of application, parts typically ship in days, not weeks, according to the company. A fast, 24- to 48-hour expedite prototype sheet metal service is also available.


When a user select a material and a finish as well as quantities, SolidQuote for Creo returns a price quote as inputs change. Image courtesy of Rapid Sheet Metal LLC.

“By using SolidQuote for Creo … users will be able to cost their sheet metal their parts and assemblies while they are designing them instead of waiting until the design is complete,” said James Jacobs, President of Rapid Sheet Metal in a press statement. “And these are real numbers — users also can order parts instantly, which will then ship in seven business days or less. Bottom-line, by integrating PTC Creo SolidQuote into their sheet metal design process, PTC Creo users will be able to cost and order prototype sheet metal parts instantly, 24/7.”

Rapid Sheet Metal LLC

Examples of prototypes instantly quoted with SolidQuote and fabricated by Rapid Sheet Metal. Image courtesy of Rapid Sheet Metal LLC.

Rapid Sheet Metal registrations include ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations), RoHS compliant plating, aerospace application welding (AWS D17.1) and Central Contractor (CAGE code). Its sister companies, Rapid Machining and Rapid Wire Cable, offer quick turnaround CNC (computer-numerically controlled) machined and turned prototype parts and rapid prototyping of wire harnesses and cable assemblies, respectively.

To learn more about Rapid Sheet Metal, its services and its capabilities, visit the company’s website.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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