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GHOST 3D Releases Scribe-iT DCC for Autodesk Maya 2008

By DE Editors

GHOST 3D, LLC (San Francisco, CA) released Scribe-iT DCC (digital content creation) for Autodesk Maya 2008. It is a new redesigned 3D digitizing, modeling, and reverse engineering (RE) software that integrates with 3D digitizers such as MicroScribe and FaroArm.

Scribe-iT DCC for Maya incorporates faster production of high-quality 3D CAD and Polygon/Sub-D models; capture and editing of NURBS, splines, polygons, and other geometries; measuring of datums; and interactive editing, viewing, animation, and manipulation of objects inside a variety of 3D applications. Scribe-iT solutions provide an ideal proprietary Polygon/Sub-D digitizing and modeling system.

The integrated Maya versions of Scribe-iT now support MicroScribe 3D digitizer/metrology devices, in addition to FaroArm portable arm CMM systems, in both Maya Complete and Maya Unlimited versions 2008, 8.5, and 8.0.

Scribe-iT DCC for Maya is a complete and dynamic solution providing referencing and alignment tools, geometry and measurement capture, editing and manipulation tools, and GHOST 3D’s powerfully quick and flexible Polygon modeling system. Not only is the CAD model digitizing workflow unmatched by 3D scanning solutions, states the release, but the Polygon tools include features and advantages not found in mainstream 3D modeling packages.

Scribe-iT solutions seamlessly add to the host an integrated, complete proprietary digitizing and modeling system, independent of the many host features Scribe-iT also supports. Its construction systems avoid the need for re-construction or reverse modeling, and reduce production time for ideal CAD models.

To find out more about Scribe-iT, FaroArm portable arm CMM digitizers, MicroScribe 3D digitizer, or GHOST 3D Systems, interested parties may also contact GHOST 3D.


Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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