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Gibbs and Associates Helps Fadal Users Increase Productivity

By DE Editors

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, CAM software developer, Gibbs andAssociates (Moorepark, CA www.gibbscam.com) has announced that its Gibbs SFP (Shop Floor Programming) will be includedas a standard feature with the entire line of CNC machine tools produced by FadalMachining Centers (Chatsworth, CA; www.fadal.com) which incorporate Fadal’s new 104/D controller.

“Over the years, Gibbs and Fadal have had a long collaboration,” comments BillGibbs, founder and president of Gibbs and Associates. “During this time, GibbsSFP has become the industry leader in on-control programming systems for opencontrollers. Using Gibbs SFP, Fadal users will be able to produce parts faster,getting a return on their equipment sooner.”

Gibbs SFP is designed to be fully compatible with the offline GibbsCAM softwareallowing process models to be exchanged between the two. Programming officescan forward high-content process models to the machine tool which the operatorcan review and make any local adjustments necessary, says the company. Thesemodifications can be saved and sent back to the programming office for their reference.Customersmay add optional incremental functionality to Gibbs SFP, which are comparableto Gibbs’ offline CAM systems, and may also add optional support for reading partmodels in numerous CAD formats, according to the company.

The current GibbsCAM product line supports 2- through 5-axis milling, turning,mill/turning, multi-task simultaneous machining and wire-EDM. GibbsCAM also providesfully integrated manufacturing modeling capabilities that include 2D, 2.5D, 3Dwireframe, surface, and solid modeling. GibbsCAM has received Microsoft’s “Designedfor Windows XP/2000” certification.

To learn more about Gibbs SFP, visit the company’s website at http://www.gibbscam.com. For more information about the Fadal Machining Centers, visit http://www.fadal.com/.

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