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GibbsCAM Advanced Announced, 1 in a Series

By DE Editors

May 9, 2007

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

The guys at Gibbs and Associates have their act together. I’ve never met Mr. Gibbs, which is probably a touch of good luck for him. But I can tell you that John Callen — VP of marketing — is all right in my book. There are smart guys, then there are Smart Guys. Callen is Smart, and he’s pretty witty too.

But, I’m not just writing an appreciation. When these guys release GibbsCAM 2008, a set of advanced 3-axis surface machining capabilities supporting high-speed machining will be a part of the whole deal. So, why is this important? For one, 3-axis surface machining is not easy, assuming you do not want to waste time cutting air, making razor-sharp corners, producing crummy toolpaths, and stuff like that.

For two, Gibbs and Associates has spent the last 25 years trying to make CAM software usable by machinists right away instead of making you take a 6-week course to learn how to boot it up. For three, you’ll have 3-axis surface machining capabilities for precision machining that are powerful yet easy to learn and use. Not a bad deal.

Gibbs and Associates has earned its reputation as a cut above the others, and I suspect that we’ll see that reputation reinforced when they release GibbsCAM 2008 later this year. For now, check out more in today’s Pick of the Week write-up. From the write-up, use the link to sign up for an actual virtual tour CD.

Thanks, Pal. — Lockwood.

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editorial Director, Desktop Engineering

GibbsCAM Advanced Announced

3-Axis capabilities part of 2008 release.
Gibbs and Associates (Moorpark, CA) recently announced that a suite of 3-axis enhancements will be available as part of the company’s release of the 2008 version of its GibbsCAM software for programming CNC machine tools. The company says that these 3-axis enhancements will extend GibbsCAM’s existing machining capability by providing the user with a range of milling functionality and support for high-speed machining.

T-Splines for Rhino

The new advanced 3-axis functionality introduces such new capabilities as 3D rest milling which focuses machining only on the remaining material to be removed, thereby minimizing air cutting and significantly reducing cutting time. It offers you multiple containment and avoidance areas, which enable precise control of toolpaths.  You can also specify that toolpaths generated by the new 3-axis functionality have no sharp corners.

New machining techniques consider the slope of the surfaces being machined. This results in a toolpath with a true constant step over, minimizing tool wear, improving surface finish, and cutting the part faster.

GibbsCAM 2008 is expected to be released later this year.  To sign up for a virtual tour CD, click here. Click here to go the Gibbs and Associates home page.


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