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Global Shop Solutions to Release Updated Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Global Shop Solutions has released details about its upcoming release of its ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. Available in August, version 2014.1 includes new screens, enhanced customization and personalization and several new features.

According to the company, its ERP software helps manufacturing companies cut costs through detailed job costing, scheduling, inventory management solutions, project management and other shop control applications.

Three main upgrades of version 2104.1 are:

  • A new main menu that offers a simpler, more intuitive user experience. With customization options, users can change colors and themes, create individual workspaces and application groups and set up the menu screen based on personal use.
  • Enhancements to the general ledger history that allow users to move data into a history file, reducing size and decreasing processing time.
  • The addition of a Version Management System (VMS) that offers new security features to ensure data integrity on customer documents.

“With the 2014.x series of releases, we’re augmenting the intrinsic functionality of our software with a large investment in the science of interface design,” says Chris Okamuro, chief technology officer for Global Shop Solutions. “The first product of our efforts is a new menu interface experience. By studying our customers’ work patterns and incorporating their feedback, we’ve produced a more efficient, faster, and more aesthetically pleasing software interface. We plan to bring many more ergonomic and aesthetic improvements to the rest of the product over the next several releases.”

For more information, visit Global Shop Solutions.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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