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Greenforces Announces Solution Providers for Aerospace and Defense

Greenforces LLC has officially begun operations as an aerospace and defense solutions provider.

According to a company press release, GreenForces is a consortium of HUBZone-certified business that provide engineering and design, analysis, prototyping, testing and production services. This initiative, driven by officials from Houghton County Memorial Airport, SmartZone, regional business and academia, includes five Michigan companies and Michigan Technological University.

Within the GreenForces consortium are:

  • Calumet Electronics Corporation—One of 16 companies nationwide certified to manufacture rigid printed circuit boards (PCBs).
  • Creative Composites—A manufacturer of materials and structures designed to survive challenging environments. It strives to create materials by reducing weight, increasing strength and chemical resistance.
  • IR Telemetrics—A provider of wireless data transfer, including internal reciprocating and rotating components.  Its specialty is real-time, steady-state and transient data transfer.
  • L’Anse Manufacturing—Helping its customers take concepts from prototypes to production, it focuses on low-volume, high-mix machining and assembly applications.
  • GS Engineering—A consulting firm that provides mechanical and electrical and field testing. It also assists with design and analysis services, advanced product development and technology integration.
  • Michigan Technological University—Comprised of 3,500 students and 150 faculty, it is a campus filled with discovery and design of new devices and systems, and promotes utilization of new discoveries through licensing and commercialization.

For more information, visit GreenForces LLC.

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