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HBM Launches Integrated eDrive Test System for Electric Motor, Inverter Analysis

HBM Inc., a provider of data acquisition systems and analysis software, has added a new solution for eDrive testing.

The solution combines a HBM T12 or T40 torque sensor and the GEN3i data acquisition system. There is also the option to add the Quantum 1609B temperature satellite for synchronous, continuous data acquisition of mechanical and electrical signals from an electrical drive system. It can take measurements from as many as 18 current and voltage channels at voltages up to 1,000V with a sampling rate of up to 2 MS/s.

Optional high voltage 2-wire shielded cables are available for noise immunity. For additional safety, an optical Ethernet Interface offers a remote display and control from a remote location.

The system has an eDrive software GUI (graphical user interface) developed specifically for electric motor and inverter testing. Real-time analysis is also available, with reactive and apparent power and efficiency calculations.

“HBM’s new eDrive package is the only completely integrated test solution on the market that allows engineers to record, verify and study both electrical and mechanical parameters under dynamic conditions,” said Mike Hoyer, HBM applications engineer.

For more information, visit HBM Inc.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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