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HBM-nCode Announces Version 5.1 Release of ICE-flow Analysis Software

By DE Editors

HBM-nCode has released version 5.1 of ICE-flow Analysis, comprising GlyphWorks and DesignLife. This update includes new features and enhanced reporting capabilities that accelerate and simplify the conversion of huge amounts of engineering data into valuable information.

GlyphWorks provides a range of interactive data processing and visualization capabilities for extremely large data sets. Specialized durability options include fatigue analysis, accelerated testing, and frequency domain tools. GlyphWorks 5.1 adds new capabilities for interactive data editing and new displays including Chart Display and Gauge Display. These new displays provide report-quality chart plotting of data tables and show synchronized values during playback to give further insight into test data.  

Useful for applications such as proving grounds or test tracks, the GPS Display glyph has been enhanced to include the use of background satellite images and data export to the Google Earth mapping service. These features are also convenient for users in regions not supported by MapPoint, or where visualizing terrain is important.

An open software product, GlyphWorks supports the Python programming language, many engineering data formats, and interfaces to third-party software solutions. Version 5.1 offers additional file format enhancements including latest versions of MATLAB. 

DesignLife combines a fatigue analysis solver for finite element models with an intuitive, graphical environment for making durability design decisions quickly and efficiently. DesignLife 5.1 includes new features for customization by using Python to define custom Stress-Life analysis methods.

For more information, visit HBM-nCode.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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