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HBM Prenscia Unveils nCode 2018

HBM Prenscia has released nCode 2018, available for immediate download through its new, user-friendly Support Portal.

nCode 2018 introduces WholeLife, a new product option in DesignLife that offers a unified approach for modeling fatigue over the entire lifetime of a component through an integrated combination of crack initiation and crack growth. This technique provides a solution for complex weld geometries and gives the ability to examine the effects of detailed design changes to the weld geometry.

nCode 2018 introduces a number of improvements in functionality and performance of nCode DesignLife, nCode GlyphWorks and nCode VibeSys summarized as follows:

  • DesignLife, in addition to the new WholeLife product option, extends its test and CAE correlation capabilities with the addition of Virtual Sensor to its base product, and has speed improvements in the reading of FE results into DesignLife.
  • GlyphWorks offers usability and display enhancements as well as new capabilities for reading file formats and sensor data including CAN and ASCII. Analysis is extended with per feature stats using the Running Statistics glyph and a new Stress-Strain Conversion glyph extends its test and CAE correlation capabilities.
  • VibeSys now includes the vibration curves for automotive electronics testing from ISO 16750-3:2012 in its Vibration Manager and includes improvements to the animation of Operating Deflection Shapes.
  • Premium Materials Database provides a collection of fatigue properties for commonly used steels and aluminium alloys and is now available for annual subscription.

For more info, visit HBM Prenscia.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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