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HBM Releases New nCode Durability Product Suite

By DE Editors

The latest version of nCode 6 durability software from HBM provides usability enhancements to nCode GlyphWorks, nCode DesignLife, and nCode Automation Personal Edition.

HBM Releases New nCode Durability Product Suite
nCode Automation now enables search for FE models.

Additional display and reporting capabilities have been introduced in ISR2 for nCode GlyphWorks, a processing system for engineering data, to simplify the creation of reports. For example, the user has more direct control of plot styles and layouts, and a single plot can now hold four times as many data lines, according to the company. Other new features include direct decoding of data from automotive CAN-bus vehicle networks and enhanced use of data from Microsoft Excel.

nCode DesignLife, a solution for CAE fatigue analysis applications, also benefits from new usability features in the display of finite element results. This includes the ability for users to create custom contour plots by defining a number of arbitrary contour levels. New capability has been introduced to directly save and submit an analysis as a batch job, which is more convenient for solving larger problems.

nCode Automation Personal Edition (PE), the desktop environment for managing data and automating analysis, is now able to index data used by nCode DesignLife, including finite element models and results files from tools such as NASTRAN, ANSYS and Abaqus. This enables both test and CAE data to be managed in a single system. Characteristic values for user-defined key parameters and metadata from each model can be extracted and stored within nCode Automation’s database.

“This customer-driven update, including requirements from key clients such as Ford Motor Company and PSA Peugeot Citroën, continues to move nCode products forward with current industry needs,” says Jon Aldred, product manager, HBM-nCode.  “The new capability in Automation PE for managing finite element data further illustrates the unique integration of the nCode product range for both test and CAE.”

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