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Help Desktop Engineering with a Survey

By DE Editors


Desktop Engineering magazine is involved in a research project for HP on how computing resources are specified for MCAD and simulation applications.  

We are interested in the views of engineers, IT professionals, and management regarding engineering workstations and high-performance computer systems in engineering applications.  Regardless of your current knowledge level or experience with these systems, we would appreciate your response to these questions.

Gift CardsPlease find the time to complete this short online survey and we ll enter your name into a drawing for one of the five $100 Visa Gift Certificates.  Also, DE and HP would like to send you the Executive Summary we generate from this survey, as well as information on workstations and high-performance clusters for advanced computer-aided engineering. To receive them, make sure you check yes to the question at the end of the survey.

After completing the survey, you can download a white paper from the DE editors on how virtual workstation clusters can increase productivity.

We know your time is valuable and thank you in advance for your help.

Please click this link to take the survey. It takes approximately 6 minutes to complete.

Thanks for your help.

Steve Robbins
Executive Editor
Desktop Engineering

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