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Hexagon Metrology Releases HP-O Scanning Solution

The new HP-O non-contact scanning probe from Hexagon Metrology is now available for high accuracy measurement and inspection applications. The device is an alternative to conventional tactile measurement and scanning probe, the company states. 

The HP-O probe has no physical impact on a part, delivering force-free measurement and sports a 3mm diameter. Its measurement range is up to 20 mm and can provide access to points that are unavailable to tactile probes. Optical measurements can be captured in single point or scanning mode.

Hexagon’s probe includes repeatability of under 0.3 μm with the Leitz PPM-C coordinate measurement machine, and has an acceptance angle of ±30 degrees and speed of 1,000 points per second.

“The unique HP-O probe has broken new ground in the marketplace. Historically, tactile analog probing has been the most accurate means of measuring parts, but there are limitations when inspecting sensitive or deformable surfaces. The accuracy and reliability of the new optical measurement solution are comparable to tactile scanning probes without their drawbacks,” said Ingo Lindner, product line manager at Hexagon Metrology. “The HP-O probe is compatible with existing part programs and has flexible configurations to facilitate inspections of even the most complex parts.”

For more information, visit Hexagon Metrology.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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