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Hydraulics Engineers Use E³.fluid from Zuken

By DE Editors

Zuken (Munich, Germany & Westford, MA) made the design of hydraulics and pneumatics a more cohesive part of the design process in its 2008 version of the dedicated fluid design module of the E3.series environment.

Hydraulics design engineers benefit from both the individual and collective approaches to design. Hydraulic and electrical designs are integrated through a combined design platform that has can customize views to select only essential electrical design information, eliminating the unnecessary burden of irrelevant electrical complexity within the design view.

In addition, both hydraulics and electrical designers can now work within E3.series simultaneously, enabling them to work more collaboratively while improving quality and reducing development cycles.

Now fully integrated with electrical systems, the customized platform provides hydraulics engineers with a dedicated design environment complete with the ability to define your own symbols, such as tubes and hoses. Hydraulic and pneumatic sheets are on display in the project tree and likewise, specific components appear in the components trees. Customized views allow all users to select the level of detail. This is powered by the E3.enterprise edition that enables concurrent design in a multi-user environment.

In the 2008 version, many of the advancements also offer the E3.fluid user improved functionality for quickly managing product variants and options and the ability to embed any file for improved project management.

To find out more about E3.series, go to Zuken.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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