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hyperMILL 2009.1 Offers CAM Programming

By DE Editors

3D strategies: axis-parallel machining for milling close to contours.

The new hyperMILL 2009.1 from OPEN MIND Technologies AG (Wessling, Germany) sets the benchmark for efficient and comprehensive CAD programming ranging from 2D to 5-axis applications. The NC programming system benefits from more process reliability, an improved user interface, and short manufacturing lead times — all with less programming effort even for complex workpieces.

As the link between design and production, the CAM system represents a major factor in process streamlining. hyperMILL implements a consistent process chain with uninterrupted workflows and reduced cycle times. The CAM expert offers a broad spectrum of CAD-integrated solutions and direct interfaces as well as powerful post-processing technology that is customized for each machine. The new release offers improvements and innovations in all areas ranging from 2D to 5-axis processing, including improved deep-hole drilling with feed motion reduction for cross-hole drilling, 3D roughing with minimal metal removal and as an all-in-one finishing process, an optimized rapid motion concept, the intelligent job link as well as new functions for simultaneous 5-axis milling.

With hyperMILL 2009.1 components can be checked quickly and easily for optimum job preparation and seamless CAD programming, and with the new analytical tools the user can easily recognize manufacturing-relevant properties of design elements.

Other improvements include efficient programming with a mouse click, reusing manufacturing know-how, 2D milling with new strategies for best results, and 3D and 5-axis machining for faster programming and production.

For details, contact OPEN MIND Technologies AG.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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