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Hyundai Showcases Personal Mobility Egg

No, I didn’t type that wrong. With a bit of engineering genius that would make Dr. Robotnik proud, Hyundai showcased the E4U, personal mobility egg at the Seoul Motor Show. The E4U name stands for Egg, Evolution, Electricity and Eco-friendliness, and the single passenger vehicle sports an electric engine to power this unique creation.

In addition to a sleek frame that any chicken would love, the E4U is designed to operate in urban areas where parking space is limited and streets are narrow. The vehicle is piloted by leaning in whichever direction you’d like to go, and speed is controlled by the how far forward the operator leans.

Personal Mobility Egg

Hyundai's E4U, personal mobility egg. Courtesy of Hyundai.

This sort of concept vehicle is never really intended to be more than a showcase model, similar to Toyota’s i-Road, and in this case was part of Hyundai’s internal innovation contest, which the company calls Idea Week. Other innovations from the contest include a hover vehicle, a jointed car with extreme maneuverability (it can also climb steps), and a vehicle that can be controlled using voice command.

Idea Week is Hyundai’s method to stimulate creativity in its engineering staff, and while I’m certain some people would love to own an E4U I wouldn’t expect to see fleets of them rolling down the street anytime soon. The personal mobility idea has been popular for quite a while, but it isn’t like you see a Segway in every garage.

Below you’ll find a video that features the innovations of Idea Week.

Source: BoxAutos

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