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IBM Announces Fund to Research Chip Grand Challenges for Cloud and Big Data Systems

IBM has launched a $3 billion initiative to research chip grand challenges faced by cloud and big data systems. These investments will push semiconductor innovations into advanced technology leadership for the future, the company states.

The first program is focused on 7 nanometer and beyond silicon technologies. It will tackle the physical challenges towards current semiconductor scaling techniques and manufacturing abilities to create such technology. There will also be a portion of research looking at and developing post-silicon era chips.

IBM will also be investing in areas of research such as carbon nanoelectronics, silicon photonics, new memory technologies and architectures that support quantum and cognitive computing.

“The question is not if we will introduce 7 nanometer technology into manufacturing, but rather how, when, and at what cost?” said John Kelly, senior vice president, IBM Research. “IBM engineers and scientists, along with our partners, are well suited for this challenge and are already working on the materials science and device engineering required to meet the demands of the emerging system requirements for cloud, big data, and cognitive systems. This new investment will ensure that we produce the necessary innovations to meet these challenges.”

For more information, visit IBM.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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