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Icona Solutions Announces Autodesk Showcase Interface for aesthetica

By DE Editors

Icona Solutions Ltd. has announced the availability of a direct interface from aesthetica to Autodesk’s Showcase digital mock-up and visualization software.

“The addition of an optional direct interface from aesthetica to Autodesk Showcase will enable existing and new users of Showcase to undertake design reviews and perceived quality studies by viewing deformed 3D models generated by aesthetica within their familiar digital mock-up and visualization environment”, said Tim Illingworth, chief executive, Icona Solutions Ltd.

Using the FBX file format, deformed 3D models generated by aesthetica and showing several worst-case/best-case examples of predicted product variation caused by manufacturing constraints can be exported to Autodesk Showcase to enable perceived quality studies using either a desktop computer or a virtual reality environment such as a Powerwall.

No additional data preparation is required, according to the companty, because the exported models include all required geometry, materials and viewing positions, meaning that the models only need to be visualized in Autodesk Showcase.

Autodesk Showcase software provides an environment in which designers and engineers can effectively present and review designs. It provides tools to enable realistic materials, such as car paint, leather, glass, and textures, to be applied to the digital model and for the model to be placed in an environment, or scene, for greater context and reality. It also enables dynamic, cinematic movement of the model in order to show the effect of highlights and environment reflections on the model surface.

For more information, visit Icona Solutions Ltd.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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