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ImageXpert Announces New Drop-in-flight Analysis System

By DE Editors

JetXpert from ImageXpert (Nashua, NH) combines state of the art strobing technology with customized optics and powerful ImageXpert software to provide a flexible platform for analyzing the performance of any print head through drop-in-flight analysis and visualization.

Measuring the in-flight characteristics of ink drops under different conditions can aid in optimizing system settings, ink formulation, and printer performance. Manufacturers of ink jet heads, head driver electronics, inks, and integrated printing and material deposition systems will benefit from analysis of drops in flight.

In JetXpert, the strobe is slaved to the firing frequency of the print head (50Hz-100kHz) so it can be used to measure drops in flight for any print head including those from Xaar, Spectra, Toshiba Tec, Konica Minolta, Seiko Epson, Kodak, and HP.

The strobe interface software provides digital control of strobe pulse width (minimum pulse width: 500ns); imaging of single, double or triple dots; multiple delay times; and strobe intensity for optimal imaging for a variety of print heads and jetted materials. The very short strobe pulse width (500ns) results in improved image clarity.

The camera is a digital, FireWire, black and white camera with 1024×768 pixels. The optical design allows for imaging and analysis of drops down to 3 picoliters in volume. Camera integration time is adjustable, which impacts the number of drops imaged in a single frame to improve image clarity.

ImageXpert software is used for image analysis including drop trajectory, velocity, volume, radius, ligament, and break off length, as well as other features as desired.

For more information, contact ImageXpert.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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