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IMAGINiT Technologies Launches IMAGINiT Clarity for BIM projects

By DE Editors

Rand Worldwide’s IMAGINiT Technologies division has released IMAGINiT Clarity,a Web-based solution built specifically to enhance the Autodesk Revit Server platform. It allows team members and external partners to share one centrally located BIM model securely from multiple locations.
According to the company, architecture, engineering, and construction firms, as well as property owners with multiple offices and multiple partners, will be able to work seamlessly together using the software s comprehensive online dashboard controls, programmable security settings, and a variety of automated solutions for tracking and reporting progress.
IMAGINiT Clarity offers a range of security settings based on the project team members needs. Administrators have complete control over who can see which project, what users can modify, and what they can access. There are three levels of access for users: administrator for full access; project coordinator for partial access; and user for limited access.
As additions are made to the model, the software automatically tracks and calculates the changes. The software automates generating files in formats such as PDF, DWF, Data Export and Image Export. Since the processing of these files can be done on the central server, this frees up the user s computer to do more high-value tasks instead of waiting for documents to generate.
The solution also includes a remote dashboard, which displays the real-time network health of all central and local servers. A constant activity stream records how the model is being modified and by which users. The dashboard also provides alerts as they arise such as Model Locks or connectivity errors, assisting the administrator to both pinpoint concerns and quickly correct the issue.

For more information, visit IMAGINiT Technologies.
Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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