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Immersive Environment Tuned for Engineering and Manufacturing

The IC.IDO solution incorporates real-time physics simulation, which, says ESI, realistically reproduces the behavior of virtual objects, such as cables, hoses and kinematic chains. Users also benefit from an immersive user interface that lets them intuitively engage with a virtual product, according to the company. The new version reportedly brings significant enhancements to this user interface, offering improved usability, agility and optimized workflow. Additionally, ESI reports that users can now build and manage libraries of reusable elements that can be easily shared between teams.


The ESI Group says that its IC.IDO virtual reality solution enables new methodologies for improving the efficiency of engineering design processes at Renault. Image courtesy of the ESI Group.

The new IDO.Illuminate module allows users to experience their scenarios under realistic lighting conditions, without sacrificing interactivity or reducing available features, the company says. Complex 3D environments can be created, edited and activated to directly appreciate the visual appearance, showing operating conditions more realistically and to better assess the manufacturability or serviceability of a product. Rendering performance is optimized during runtime.

ESI Group

IC.IDO enables virtual validation of assembly and disassembly procedures at early stages, which can generate savings on warranty and maintenance costs later on. Image courtesy of the ESI Group.

Also part of this release is a new module called IDO.Process that allows for the interactive and collaborative planning and validation of an assembly process. IDO.Process, says the company, introduces a new paradigm within IC.IDO to flexibly orchestrate and manipulate processes defined by distinct product and resource configurations. In combination with IC.IDO’s immersive experience, explains ESI, IDO.Process addresses the demand of industrial engineers and service managers for an agile and robust planning and validation environment of their respective processes.


A virtual reality engineering review. Image courtesy of Herrenknecht AG and the ESI Group.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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