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Infolytica Releases MotorSolve BLDC Trial Edition

By DE Editors

Infolytica Corp. (Montreal, Quebec) released MotorSolve BLDC Trial Edition (TE), electric machine design software for brushless or permanent magnet synchronous types of motors and generators.

MotorSolve BLDC TE uses automated FEA-based calculations for determining machine performance characteristics such as Back-EMF, Flux Linkage, Torque, Total loss and loss by each component, Complete solution: characterize the machine and drive, and many other charts, plots, and performance calculations.

MotorSolve BLDC TE includes an algorithm to determine a list of optimal balanced layouts and sizing that computes an initial value for several parameters related to the size of the machine based on general design parameters.

To learn more about MotorSolve BLDC TE, which is intended for limited evaluative purposes only, please visit Infolytica.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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